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Regular or Tabloid formats. Note that in recent times there are two formats.  Select the Regular (8.5×11 format) to read or download to your computer.  The Tabloid (11×17) format is good to take to a print-shop to produce your own double-sided tabloid newspaper-style printout.  (If you do that, make sure to request that it be Colour, Double-sided, and flip on the short side.)

ISSUU version. For those who prefer, we also have a small back-catalogue available on

Research File. Director Dave Lang has created a single pdf file of past newsletters.  Caution, it is a large 94 meg file, but you can download it from right here.

ISSN annotation. Beginning with Issue 104, the FHABC Newsletter is marked on page 1 as ISSN 2563-0229 (Print edition) and  ISSN 2563-0237 (Online edition).  The ISSN system recognizes previous issues #1 (1982) through # 103 as part of the above ISSNs.  Our participation in the ISSN program implies that our newsletters have persistent URLs–meaning that they ought to never be changed (so all future FHABC webmasters please remember this!).

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