Online database

The FHABC maintains two publications databases related to BC Forest History.  These free services are accessible to all and permit real-time searching, sorting and exporting of citations.  Entries are based on a standardized list of keywords or tags and will include additional and new material.

Database 1: To access this quite comprehensive, online bibliography of forest history citations just click here  This searchable tool receives frequent updates. 

Thank you to John Parminter for your dedicated hard work!  Please bring any errors or omissions to our attention via our contact form.

Database 2:  This database was created in 2020 and is a work-in-progress. It is intended to list the most relevant forest history resources that can either be found online, or can be ordered into a BC Library as an inter-library loan using the ILLUME system.

To access the “online BC forest history database” just click here:

Our ongoing projects

  • Bibligography Two public online databases for real-time searching, sorting and exporting of citations
  • Oral History We have three online, and an upcoming project with UBC RBSC that will provide many more
  • Archival Donations Our ongoing task to keep forest history available for future generations
  • ABCFP Book Prize Prizes awarded each year to the valedictorians of the ABCFP Inductee Class