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Since 2005, FHABC has enjoyed the honour of presenting book prizes during the Inductee Recognition Luncheon to the Class Valedictorians, who are the RFT and RPF who achieved the top marks in the forest professionals registration exam the previous year. The recent prize has been “The History of Forestry in Canada” by Gilbert Paille.

Our congratulations go out to the Class Valedictorians whose names we have found so far in our files. Additions are welcome. (Click on the Year below to go to the related media further down the page)

  • 2023:  Jackson Garrett, RFT; Julie Shuyan Jiang, RPF
  • 2022: Karli Ferrell, RFT; Marie Vance, PhD, RPF
  • 2021 Devon Murray, RPF; Kathleen Harfman, RFT
  • 2020 Erin Poulson RPF; Stephanie Helps RFT
  • 2019 Carl-Evan Jefferies, RPF; Adam Flintoft, RFT
  • 2018 Joel McLay (RFT); Riley Kelly (RPF). (Julious Huhs, RPF*)
  • 2015 Tasha Brekkas, RFT; Andrew Flegel, RPF
  • 2009 Julious Huhs, RFT* later placed first as an RPF in 2018, but stepped aside as a double-winner

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2021 – (Online). Congratulations to all 126 members in the 2021 Inductee Class of ABCFP Forest Professionals! It’s FHABC’s honour to send a forest history book prize to valedictorians Devon Murray, RPF, from Port McNeil, and Kathleen Harfman, RFT, from Prince George. Devon Murray’s comments on the video are at time 22:14, Kathleen Harfman’s at 25:50, and the mention of our book award at 30:10. (from our Facebook Group)

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2020 – (Nanaimo). Director Kat Spencer again presented the FHABC annual valedictory book awards to the selected ABCFP RPF and RFT inductees of 2020. Recipients were Erin Poulson RPF and Stephanie Helps, RFT. The books presented were STORIES OF A WEST COAST LOGGER, by Robert Alan Williams and TOM WRIGHT – RECOLLECTIONS OF A PIONEER, by John Parminter. (from our Newsletter 105)

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2019 – (Kamloops) The lucky recipients of “The History of Forestry in Canada” by Gilbert Paille were Carl-Evan Jefferies, RPF and Adam Flintoft, RFT (Sadly, Adam was unable to attend). In Kat’s remarks she “stressed that as a collective group our (foresters) story can only be heard and more importantly understood with a strong commitment to keeping current records, so we have a history to refer to. …. please share the stories of Foresters and their communities.” (From Newsletter #102)

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2018 – (Prince George) Member Mark Clark presented the FHABC book prizes at the Thursday inductees luncheon. This year there were three worthy winners, rather than the usual two. Julius Huhs was the highest achieving RFT in 2009, and this year he repeated that success on his RPF exam. Since he had already acted as valedictorian, he stepped aside, and we heard from Joel McLay (RFT) and Riley Kelly (RPF). Many thanks to Mark Clark for his eloquent, inspirational words, reminding inductees and all present about the importance of forest history. (from Newsletter#99)

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Our ongoing projects:

  • Bibligography Two public online databases for real-time searching, sorting and exporting of citations
  • Oral History FHABC has several oral histories of interest available with plans to present more.
  • Archival Donations Our ongoing task to keep forest history available for future generations
  • ABCFP Book Prize Prizes awarded each year to the valedictorians of the ABCFP Inductee Class