The FHABC is a community united by our interest in, and love for, forest history.  We enjoy learning from each other via our vibrant newsletter, social media channels, occasional publications and databases/bibliographies.  Together we cooperate with libraries, museums, and archives to collect, describe, conserve, digitize, curate and communicate. In this way, we cultivate enthusiasm for our shared forested pasts.

The FHABC’s objectives are:

  • to act as a coordinating agency in the collection of historical records pertaining to the conservation, management, and use of the forests of British Columbia; to stimulate interest by individuals and groups in the collection and use of such information;
  • to cooperate with individuals and organizations in the collection, cataloguing, storage, and preservation of forest history records;
  • to encourage the publication of material relating to the various facets of BC’s forest history; to undertake such other matters which relate to the forest history of the province;
  • to communicate with the membership, the public, libraries, archives, and other institutions through social media and a newsletter.
Our promotional video prepared for ABCFP conference February 2021