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 2021 AGM Weekend – Sep 25/26, 2021

Our 2021 AGM will again be “virtual”, to be held on Saturday. September 25, 10 a.m. until noon.

Updates coming! (On this page, via email to all members, and on our Facebook Group)

  • Our 2021 AGM Agenda can be downloaded from right here: 2021 AGM Agenda pdf
  • The minutes from the 2020 AGM can be downloaded from right here: 2020 Minutes pdf
  • The Financial Report can be downloaded right here: 2021 Financial Report pdf
  • Instructions re how to attend the virtual sessions have already been distributed to members. If we somehow missed you, or if you are a prospective member, send a note to info@fhabc.org and we will get you set up.

We plan to augment the AGM business meeting with two forest history-related sessions later on Saturday and Sunday. 

Saturday 2pm. Director Ira Sutherland will share a talk entitled “Social-ecological change in the British Columbia forestry system“.

Forests contribute to the sustenance, economy, and culture of people in British Columbia, as they have since time immemorial. We conceptualized forestry within BC as part of a dynamic social-ecological system characterized by governance changes (e.g., adoption of sustained yield in 1947, balanced use in 1978, Forest Practices Code in 1995, and FRPA in 2002) that, in theory, should either respond to or drive changes the flow of goods and services (‘ecosystem services’) from forests to people. We observed declines in many provisioning ecosystem services (especially timber and salmon) since the 1970’s and dramatic changes in the ecosystems themselves: salmon stocks dwindled while timber inventory volumes increased in interior regions of BC (likely due to fire suppression) but dropped consistently in coastal regions due to exploitation of old-growth forests. Characterizing the drivers and dynamics of multiple ecosystem services can expand our conception of the BC forestry system, and identify complex dynamics such as cross-scale interactions and feedbacks critical to maintaining a stable flow of socially desired ecosystem services into the future.

Sunday Sept 25, 2pm. Reforestation Oral-History Listening-Party.

Do join our Zoom room and enjoy now 98-year-old Gerry Burch in conversation with now 89-year-old Bruce Devitt (both are sharper than either you or I).

Between 1997 and 2003, Gerry undertook 60 oral history interviews, recorded on cassette. The FHABC has digitized Burch’s 2001 conversation with Devitt, and created a “best of” edit, now bolstered by archival images. 

We will watch/listen to the 2001 recording, followed by a moderated Question and Answer. Both Burch and Devitt have kindly agreed to join us and will be available for commentary!

RSVP for zoom coordinates: info@fhabc.org

Devitt was born in Burnaby and grew up in South Shalath before attending UBC, completing his Forestry degree in 1957. He worked for the BC Forest Service, focusing on reforestation projects, including seed and nurseries. In 1973, he joined Pacific Logging Limited, where he worked for eighteen years in industrial forest management. By 1991, he had become Chief Forester for Canadian Pacific Forest Products Limited. In 1995, he went into private practice and served as director of Pacific Regeneration Technologies Management Incorporated, retiring in 2002.

Burch grew up in Moyie, BC, and Trail. His studies were interrupted by conscription into the navy in 1942, when he served as a sub-lieutenant on HMCS Eyebright. In 1945, he was demobilized and returned to his studies at UBC. He spent his university summers working for British Columbia Forest Products, which became his employer for most of his career. Burch was appointed Chief Forester in 1968, and Vice President of Timberlands and Forestry in 1976. After retirement from BC Forest Products in 1988, Burch remained active as a consultant for Stewart & Ewing Ltd., and as an adjunct faculty member at UBC in the faculty of forestry. 

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Previous AGMs

Previous AGMs Some previous AGM highlights can be read in Newsletter reports:

· 2020 A “Virtual” AGM organized by Prince George members, featuring UNBC archives, a virtual tour at the Central BC Railway and Forestry Museum, and a digital project presentation: Newsletter 108

· 2019 Kamloops, featuring a Fire Centre tour and a mountain pine beetle presentation: Newsletter 104

· 2017/18 Vancouver, featuring  a visit to UBC RBSC, and an evening spent at the Hastings Mill Store Museum: Newsletter 100

· 2016 Powell River, featuring a Friday pub session, a Museum tour and a Saturday dinner speaker Newsletter 98

· Other locations: 2015, Revelstoke; 2014, Duncan; 2013, Kamloops; 2012, Victoria; 2011, Vernon; 2010, Mission; 2009, Prince George; 2008, Squamish; 2007, Kamloops; 2006, Burnaby Village Museum; 2005, Parksville; 2004 Coquitlam; ….. 1983, Duncan (the first AGM)

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Other events

Other events

Previous Event: In 2018 we had a book give-a-way!

All FHABC members (and members-to-be) were eligible to receive a copy of Gilbert Paille’s 2013 book “A History of Forestry in Canada.” Anyone who became a member of the association before June 15 was welcome to take advantage of this book offer. Thank you to the Société d’histoire forestière du Québec, for making these English books available!

More info on the book: https://fpinnovations.ca/media/news-releases/Documents/2014/0203-lancement-history-of-forestry.pdf

The deadline for ordering your book was Friday June 15.

While the book itself was free, there was a modest fee to cover postage.

For residents of Vancouver and Victoria this was $4 (the cost of bulk shipping all the books from Quebec City to the lower mainland).

Members elsewhere in BC, unfortunately, had to cover the additional postage from the lower mainland. But still a bargain!

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