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 2021 AGM Weekend – Sep 25/26, 2021

Our 2021 AGM will again be “virtual”, to be held on Saturday. September 25, 10 a.m. until noon.

Updates coming! (On this page, via email to all members, and on our Facebook Group)

  • remainder of the agenda, and
  • how to attend the virtual sessions

We plan to augment the AGM meeting with at least one forest history-related session later on Saturday or Sunday. 

Current AGMPrevious AGMs Listening Parties Other Events

Listening Parties

Listening Parties We have a number of oral history interviews at FHABC which are stored on cassette tapes, and we have a project to digitize these interviews. The digitized versions are suitable for sharing on the internet, and we plan to feature these one at a time as “Listening Parties” in Zoom sessions which we would advertise as virtual events to our members and the general public.

To kick off this idea, we are hoping to have our first “Listening Party” during our 2021 AGM weekend. The plan being developed is for attendees to join us as we celebrate the recent digitization of 60 oral history interviews by listening in to Gerry Burch and Bruce Devitt discuss the history and future of the forest industry. We’ll play highlights from this interview, and have a discussion and question and answer session, following the listening session. Gerry Burch and Bruce Devitt have kindly agreed to join us for the session and will be available for commentary following the listening party!

Current AGMPrevious AGMs Listening Parties Other Events

Previous AGMs

Previous AGMs Some previous AGM highlights can be read in Newsletter reports:

· 2020 A “Virtual” AGM organized by Prince George members, featuring UNBC archives, a virtual tour at the Central BC Railway and Forestry Museum, and a digital project presentation: Newsletter 108

· 2019 Kamloops, featuring a Fire Centre tour and a mountain pine beetle presentation: Newsletter 104

· 2017/18 Vancouver, featuring  a visit to UBC RBSC, and an evening spent at the Hastings Mill Store Museum: Newsletter 100

· 2016 Powell River, featuring a Friday pub session, a Museum tour and a Saturday dinner speaker Newsletter 98

· Other locations: 2015, Revelstoke; 2014, Duncan; 2013, Kamloops; 2012, Victoria; 2011, Vernon; 2010, Mission; 2009, Prince George; 2008, Squamish; 2007, Kamloops; 2006, Burnaby Village Museum; 2005, Parksville; 2004 Coquitlam; ….. 1983, Duncan (the first AGM)

Current AGMPrevious AGMs Listening Parties Other Events

Other events

Other events

Previous Event: In 2018 we had a book give-a-way!

All FHABC members (and members-to-be) were eligible to receive a copy of Gilbert Paille’s 2013 book “A History of Forestry in Canada.” Anyone who became a member of the association before June 15 was welcome to take advantage of this book offer. Thank you to the Société d’histoire forestière du Québec, for making these English books available!

More info on the book: https://fpinnovations.ca/media/news-releases/Documents/2014/0203-lancement-history-of-forestry.pdf

The deadline for ordering your book was Friday June 15.

While the book itself was free, there was a modest fee to cover postage.

For residents of Vancouver and Victoria this was $4 (the cost of bulk shipping all the books from Quebec City to the lower mainland).

Members elsewhere in BC, unfortunately, had to cover the additional postage from the lower mainland. But still a bargain!

Current AGMPrevious AGMs Listening Parties Other Events