Don’t throw that out!

Do you see some valuable forest history-related material in danger of being lost or destroyed? The FHABC is here to help find a loving home for old photographs, maps, letters, reports or the like.

Let us know about what you may have found, or are considering discarding, and we will put you in touch with the right museum, library or archive. There, it can be preserved, and used by future researchers to create the histories that we all enjoy.

Download this handy brochure for more info.

Or, if you have material that you want to donate to an archive, there is a longer, more detailed set of hints that you can download from right here.

Keen to support this kind of activity? Please join the Forest History Association of British Columbia right here. We will issue a tax receipt for all amounts over the regular $20 membership fee.

Our ongoing projects:

  • Bibligography Two public online databases for real-time searching, sorting and exporting of citations
  • Oral History FHABC has several oral histories of interest available with plans to present more.
  • Archival Donations Our ongoing task to keep forest history available for future generations
  • ABCFP Book Prize Prizes awarded each year to the valedictorians of the ABCFP Inductee Class

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